Consumer needs and priorities are always evolving and paving the way for new innovations to achieve success. Let’s celebrate and learn from innovations that got it right and take those lessons to uncover new opportunities amidst the COVID-19 impacted landscape and the emerging new normal. These are the standout innovations that achieved critical success to become a 2020 BASES Top Breakthrough Innovation in India.

Britannia Treat

Creme Wafers

Ghadi Machine


Indulekha® Bringha

Hair Cleanser

Lifebuoy Turmeric

and Honey, Lifebuoy

Neem and Aloe Vera

Pond's® Starlight

Perfumed Talc

Volini® Maxx

Cadbury Dairy

Milk Tropical Mango

Colgate® Super Flexi

Black Virat Signature


Hershey's Kisses
Horlicks Protein Plus

Gillette® Mach3®


Godrej Nupur

Natural Henna

Based Hair Colour

Godrej Protekt

Magic Handwash



Whisper® Choice

Aloe Cottony Soft

Garnier Micellar

Cleansing Water

Garnier Serum

Sheet Mask


Cadbury Oreo

Cadbury Dipped

Axe Ticket

Niine® Sanitary


Oral-B I23 Manual

Toothbrush with

Neem Extract

Three key actions contributed to success:

  • 1. Discover
  • 2. Break the mold
  • 3. Act


New opportunities for your brand to break through

While incrementality and differentiation are key to breaking onto the shelf, many launches aren’t incremental: ~25% of new products actually shrink total brand sales. But, a successfully-executed extension can drive growth, and there are multiple avenues to growth.
Expanding your brand into new occasions, sparking a trend, driving bigger brand purpose (Good for WE + Good for ME), offering new convenient formats and targeting a niche are all ways to increase consumption, penetration, ultimately, generating growth.

Mamaearth® taps into environmentally friendly and sustainable personal care products


Mamaearth®, the successful baby care brand, discovered the untapped opportunity of toxin-free, safe and cruelty-free products among consumers beyond just the millennial parents. Hence, they diversified into the broader personal care space for all, differentiaing itself at multiple levels - the first being the promise of 'No toxins' brand and being Asia's first brand with Made Safe certified products. The second key difference being the brand purpose of 'Goodness Inside', in terms of products which leverage the goodness of nature coupled with the goodness of being plastic positive (recycles more plastic than it uses). Thus, being a purposeful brand with quality and safe products, Mamaearth® achieved breakthrough success and made 'toxin-free' the next big thing in the personal care space.

Even the best ideas and most compelling extensions will struggle to achieve success without a strong performing product. BASES Top Breakthrough Innovations don’t cut corners when it comes to delivering exceptional product experiences. 
"Mamaearth® was founded to cater to the need for toxin-free baby products. As time progressed, we realized that it wasn't just the millennial parents, but an entire generation was looking for products that are safe for them and the environment. In fact, they are exponentially choosing brands that are driven by a bigger purpose and are pursuing a greater goal. Hence, we diversified into the personal care category with skin and hair care products, keeping our 'Goodness Inside' proposition intact. The brand is centred around building a strong innovation funnel which is led by extensive consumer listening, driving trend-led innovation - which we believe is one of the key factors for every brand's success. This approach helped shape our toxin-free product portfolio infused with the goodness of nature."


Varun Alagh, Co-founder & CEO, Mamaearth®

Break the mold

Bringing your innovation to life

Traditional research and awareness-driving tools continue to be the foundation for learning and activation. This year's BASES Top Breakthrough Innovations employed development and activation tactics that were customised to the innovation and its audience.

Niine® breaks menstruation taboo in India with hygiene product

Niine® Sanitary Napkins was launched with the mission of contributing to the local and national economy and hence, every decision at Niine® was towards building a brand that also makes a positive social impact in the society. With this thought, the awareness campaigns focused on growing the grossly under-penetrated feminine hygiene category. Niine® Sanitary Napkins broke the traditional mold and addressed the taboos around menstruation in their awareness campaigns. They were the first ones to involve men in their mainstream advertising campaigns such as #surakhshabandan and father-daughter campaign which was unheard of in this category in India. They also leveraged cricket to drive their #LetsTalkPeriods' campaign, wherein international cricketers also spread the word on this campaign which was a game-changer.


First of its kind Menstrual Hygiene Conclave on Menstrual Hygiene day (2018), Run4Niine® movement in 500 cities done on International Women's day (2019), #BreakTheShame campaign on Women's day (2020) were some of the key social initiatives which were really appreciated by consumers and paved the way for success for this brand.

"In India, taboos, myths and shaming around menstruation is one of the biggest barriers, deterring the distribution of menstrual hygiene products across the country. Niine® has made several attempts to engage the society to talk about feminine hygiene. We are the first Indian company to talk openly about periods with #LetsTalkPeriods campaign and also enrol men in its mainstream advertising campaigns, #surakhshabandan and father-daughter campaign."


Amar Tulsiyan, Founder & Chairman, Niine® Hygiene & Personal Care


Intentionally with the right timelines & support

The pace of business is accelerating, but speedy decision-making alone does not yield success. Marketers must balance speed with fully delivering on the consumer insight. Across the BASES Breakthrough Innovations, many teams made decisions to prioritize doing right by the innovation over delivering on speed alone. In many cases, ironically, these decisions enabled speed as well. 


On the activation front, a key trend has been the journey from "mass marketing" to "personalisation at scale". While most brands would start with mass media and then use digital as an add-on, Nestlé NANGROW flipped it to a "digital-first" strategy to activate this launch in a very accelerated and focused manner. They mapped online audience behaviour to deliver personalised and relevant messages to parents based on a deep understanding of their needs, interests and interactions with their brand. They also retargeted the messages based on what was more relevant and contextual to the moms. And built a re-marketing strategy that delivered contextual content to consumers at relevant points in their journey online. Their media strategy helped drive greater impact and accelerate the journey from awareness to trial, which could traditionally take far longer. This was the biggest reason for the breakthrough success of Nestlé NANGROW.


"With Nestlé NANGROW™, our endeavour is to deliver personalised and relevant messages to parents based on a deep understanding of their needs, interests and interactions with our brand. Our media strategy helps us to deliver these messages in an integrated manner across all the touchpoints of the consumer journey. Personalised contextual messaging & retargeting helped increase our conversions and accelerated the speed of conversions across the consumer journey."


Mayuri Mukherjee, Business Head (AVP), Infant & Toddler Nutrition, South Asia Region, Nestlé

Finding the next Breakthrough

Three key emerging trends are displayed by current Breakthrough winners and emerge as trends for future innovations

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