While COVID-19 has had an enduring and profound impact on the marketplace, one thing that cannot be overlooked is the role that innovation plays today and in the emerging new normal. Consumer needs and priorities are evolving, just as they did before COVID-19, paving the way for new innovations to achieve success. Let’s celebrate and learn from the innovations that got it right. These are the top innovations that achieved critical success to become a BASES Top Breakthrough Innovation in Southeast Asia.



Bhaesaj Extra Whitening

Alpha Arbutin


Coke Swakto


Emina Liquid Dip Magic Potion


Eucerin Pro

Acne Solution


Farm Fresh Kurma MIlk


Garnier Skin Naturals

Micellar Cleansing Water

(Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand)

Mama Oriental Kitchen

Hot Korean




Sasha Siwak Toothpaste




Top Café


Yanhee Vitamin Water


Three key actions contributed to success:

  • 1. Discover
  • 2. Break the mold
  • 3. Act


New opportunities for your brand to break through

While incrementality and differentiation are key to breaking onto the shelf, many launches aren’t incremental: ~25% of new products actually shrink total brand sales. But, a successfully-executed extension can drive growth, and there are multiple avenues to growth.
Moving into new segments, occasions, new trends and removing pricing barriers are all ways to increase consumption, penetration, and basket spending, and ultimately, generate growth. Several of this year’s BASES Southeast Asia Top Breakthrough Innovations were able to maximize their success by leveraging emerging trends, introducing new product technology or addressing the needs of new consumer groups.

Farm Fresh Kurma Milk



Farm Fresh Kurma Milk was the first mover to introduce Kurma (dates) as a new flavour in the milk category in Malaysia, initiating a new trend as many brand followed the example. As a result, the Kurma flavour rose to rank third among all milk flavours and surpassed the popular strawberry flavour in the Malaysian market.

Even the best ideas and most compelling extensions will struggle to achieve success without a strong performing product. BASES Top Breakthrough Innovations don’t cut corners when it comes to delivering exceptional product experiences. 

Break the mold

Bringing your innovation to life

Traditional research and awareness-driving tools continue to be the foundation for learning and activation. This year’s BASES Top Breakthrough Innovations also employed development and activation tactics that were customized to the innovation and its audience.

Garnier Skin Naturals Micellar Cleansing Water

A breakthrough innovation not in one but 3 Southeast Asian markets, Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand, Garnier Skin Naturals Micellar Cleansing Water transformed the cleansing category by providing the consumers a new way of removing makeup. Having previously launched in other markets, Garnier lifted the existing product and successfully adapted to the local market realities. The promotional campaign leveraged one of the most pressing issues in these countries, which is pollution, and educated consumers that cleaning is not enough to remove the impurities. As a result, Garnier’s campaign focused around the 3 steps process of ‘Pour, press and swipe’ to effectively remove make-up.


Intentionally with the right timelines & support

The pace of business is accelerating, but speedy decision-making alone does not yield success. Marketers must balance speed with launching the best possible product. Across the BASES Top Breakthrough Innovations, many teams made decisions to prioritize doing right by the innovation over delivering on speed alone. In many cases, ironically, these decisions enabled speed as well.

Finding the next Breakthrough

Two key emerging trends are displayed by current Breakthrough winners and emerge as trends for future innovations.

How can you be one of the next BASES Top Breakthrough Innovations?

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