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Drivers of mobile payment app choice

COVID-19 transformed everyday life and gave a significant acceleration to market dynamics that have been underway for some time. Mobile payments, in particular, have seen significant adoption in recent months, fueled in part by the desire to avoid touching surfaces in a pandemic, but also by the promise of convenience and security these digital solutions offer. 


NielsenIQ BASES surveyed 3,700+ mobile payment app users and non-users to better understand this digital transformation. Looking ahead, we expect the pace of change unleashed by the pandemic to have some lasting transformational effects. Whether you’re in tech, finance, retail, restaurants, or manufacturing, BASES insights will help you navigate the rapidly developing mobile payments market.



Key Insights

What are the benefits that matter to users?

  • Top reasons for using mobile payments vs. other methods of payment
  • Key drivers that impact brand choice in the mobile payment app market
  • Unmet needs among mobile payments users today
  • Barriers to entry for people who don’t use mobile payment apps

How are different mobile payment services meeting user expectations?

  • Understand how different mobile payments in the U.S, Germany, India, and Brazil are perceived by users.
  • Understand key strengths, weaknesses and points of differentiation

Future outlook

  • Looking ahead, BASES has identified the features consumers want to see and use next and potential paths for converting non-users
Who NielsenIQ BASES surveyed

NielsenIQ BASES mobile payment insights were gathered from surveys conducted in Q4 2020, among both mobile payment users and non-users, in four countries: U.S. (n=963), Germany (n=942), India (n=950), and Brazil (n=898).

What’s included
  • A detailed whitepaper for each of the four markets (U.S., Germany, India, and Brazil)
  • Global summary looking across the four geographies
  • Comprehensive data tables for each of the four markets


About NielsenIQ BASES

NielsenIQ BASES helps companies get innovation right by providing predictive insights grounded in deep consumer insights. With over 40 years of experience, we help our clients win by identifying and activating insights to improve innovation success.