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Easy project management

With centralized online access to your insights, the life-cycle of your innovation process gets shorter and your workload gets lighter.

Predictive & agile

First-time-right and fast pacing across all your process with BASES Quick Suite, while best-in-class analytics and experts ensure results you can trust.

Flexible access to insights

Easy and interactive navigation to surf your data with customized views and various data-cuts, for fast decision making.

Digital + Experts = Fast & Trusted Insights

This is Studio by BASES.

Easily set up projects on your own or with a BASES expert 


Get interactive data navigation and reporting and on-demand consulting from BASES innovation experts throughout the entire process. 

Solutions at your fingertips to:

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Quickly answer business questions with consumer input


Quickly screen ideas, claims, varieties and prioritize the right ones for your target group


Optimize your proposition with the right message

Evolve your products ›
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Create your products ›
Evolve your products ›

Quickly predict consumer adoption and market-readiness of your propositions


Quickly test your product and learn how to improve it, with flexibility

Market your products ›
Create your products ›
Evolve your products ›
Market your products ›

Quickly advise on price elasticity to maximize sales revenue for your new item


Optimize your line & price to maximize incremental share and channel strategies

BASES Insights

The Minimum Sustainable Product

Agile development is a powerful philosophy that originated in the software world and is now leveraged in many industries as companies strive to launch better products, faster. 

BASES research shows that agile principles need to be carefully and selectively translated to be effective in the FMCG world.


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Secrets from the Top FMCG Innovators

Our ambition: prove what innovation processes and practices drive success. 

How we did it: we interviewed the leadership of a variety of CPG US companies across industries and we crossed their answers with the first year retail sales of their innovations versus their competitors.

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BASES drives better outcomes

More successful concepts, greater share and better accuracy is what you can expect when you start your next project with our BASES team of experts.



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